Making an optional reservation

An optional reservation can be made for free. As soon as we receive another request for the same date, we will contact you and ask for a final response within 72 hours. 
Changes in reservation
The final number of guests need to be communicated by email to reserveren@karaatamsterdam.nl 7 days prior to the event.
Up until 5 days prior to the event, reduction up until 15% of the number of guests is free of charge. After 5 days you will have 10% of reduction of guests free of charge, the rest will be fully charged on your account. 
If the guests show up at the event extremely later than the discussed time, 35 euro staff costs will be charged an hour per staff member. 
Payment by invoice
There is a possibility to pay by invoice at Karaat Amsterdam. Please read the following information:
  1. The correct invoice information needs to be emailed to reserveren@karaatamsterdam.nl 2 days prior to the event. We ask for the company name, contact person, address and email address. 
  2. If any specific details are needed on the invoice, please inform us 2 days prior to the event. 
  3. Karaat sends invoices only by email.
  4. We have a payment term of 14 days.
  5. We charge administration fee of 15 euros ex btw per invoice.
  6. An extra administration fee will be charged if a new invoice needs to be made due to incorrect invoice information. 
Cancellation policy 
Cancellations made up until 10 days prior to the event are free of charge. After those 10 days there will be a charge of 80% of the reservation value. Cancellations made 5 days prior to the event will be charged the full price. 
In case of a no show, the customer will also be charged the full price of the reservation value. 

COVID-19 policy

From 25th of September on, a COVID entree pass will be required from all guests. We will ask for a QR code at the entrance.